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Candle Honeysuckle

Candle Honeysuckle

Immerse yourself in the luxuriously serene world of our Honeysuckle  Candle – carefully crafted for a captivating experience. Every note in our Honeysuckle Candle paints a vivid picture, from the zesty surprise of Mandarin and earthy Pine in the top notes to a heart of exquisite Honeysuckle, Jasmine, and Tuberose. At Happy Goat Soap, we pride ourselves on creating products that seamlessly blend artistry with craftsmanship. Our candles not only fill your space with enchanting aromas but also reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability. Transform any room into a sanctuary of calm with the Honeysuckle Candle from Happy Goat Soap.


Dimensions: 74mm Dia. x 87mm High

Estimated Burn time 33 hours 

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