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More About Us

A bit about us

I was born and raised in the north of Germany in a very small village with lots of animals. I am a trained dental technician and suddenly, I was without a job.

A friend of mine suggested I could come to Ireland to find a job.

I needed a new start anyway, job wise and life wise, so I looked for a job, packed my stuff and moved to Ireland.

The original plan was for a year only, but I felt like I belonged here, I felt more at home here than ever in Germany. Even when I met my husband, he had to move over for me as I didn't want to go back to Germany.

I worked in a few different office jobs the first few years and when I left work to stay at home with our first son we moved from the east to the west coast of Ireland and bought our house with a bit of land. And that's how the Goats came in. ​​

We had this field, which was very overgrown, and I got the idea to get two Goats to help us clear it. And I absolutely fell in love with them. 1.5 years later our first milking Goat Molly joined us. I was making Soap already and now I could combine Soap and Goats and that was the start of Happy Goat Soap. 


I just love living in the countryside, we live in County Mayo on the west of Ireland, and it is so unbelievably beautiful here. Having my animals and the daily chores gives me the feeling of being a part of the natural circle, a connection and a purpose in life. And I love to be creative and to make soap, so connecting all that together is fabulous. 

Our Goats, we have five at the moment, are more pets with a purpose. They have all names and are just beside the house. We do milk sharing here.

Which means we don't take the Goat kids away from their mom, they stay with her all the time until they are three weeks old and then they sleep separately. Mom is getting milked in the morning and they are then back together the whole day. It's the more traditional way and I think it is a great way to keep everyone happy. And believe me Mom loves her me time.

All our Goats are tame and love their scratches and attention. Goats are very clever and can be as loving as a dog, they have a lot of personality as well. Each one of them is different. Molly is our herd Queen; she is the matron, and she shows it. Beavis is the second in line. He was my first Goat, his brother Butthead passed away unfortunately. Beavis is the Goat on the label of Happy Goat Soap. Dobby is the joker; he is always trying to get us laughing and he is extremely food motivated 😉. He loves to play with the kids, human or goat doesn't matter to him. Oreo is our first female kid born here, her brother found a beautiful place as a brush control and pet. Then we have Hayley. She wasn't in great shape when I bought her, but she is getting there now. She is shy and often just watches everything, I think she never really learned how to be a Goat, she got so much better though. It's great to see an animal which was in bad shape thriving under the right conditions. 

I started to make Soap because I always had problems with my skin. I had eczema and I could not use any normal soap as a child. Only the medicated plain stuff. All the other children had these colourful soaps, but I couldn't have them. And when I started to make Goats milk soap, I wanted to make colourful and beautiful soap. So that people with sensitive skin can have nice looking and smelling soap as well. 

I love to be able to connect my love for Goats and my love for making Soaps and being creative. I really enjoy going to the Farmers and Craft markets in Ireland as well. It's nice to be able to meet and talk to the customers. Tell them about the Goats. I think it is something special that the milk is not anonymous. People know where the milk comes from. It’s from our Goats, Happy Goats.

I am making Wax melts, Lip Balm and Body Butter now as well 

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